About Us

Statement of Inclusivity

Convinced of God’s Grace, we affirm that there can be no exclusiveness in the body of Christ. We welcome all regardless of race, ethnic heritage, national origin, age, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic standing; and we encourage the full participation of all in the life of our congregation


When Jesus invited people to become his disciples he did not offer a nine-week class of church polity and tradition, he simply said, “Come and follow me.”   Freedom Plains United Presbyterian Church is delighted that you are reading this thinking about claiming our congregation as your church home.  We are a community that believes you learn by doing and we long to have you join with us in worship, and service as we seek to follow our risen Lord.

Parish Nurse/Health Ministry

The Parish Nurse/ Health Ministry program at Freedom Plains United Presbyterian Church places emphasis on the mind, body, spirit wellness of the congregation. The Parish Nurse’s office is a center for health monitoring, personal health education, emotional and spiritual support.

The parish nurse acts as health counselor and educator, advocate for the congregation, and communication link with community health services to provide referrals.  Health education brings blood pressure screenings, mini health classes, health-topic lending library, mind, body, spirit bulletin boards and Herald articles.

As part of the pastoral care team, the parish nurse makes visits to hospitals, nursing homes, and funeral parlors to support and pray with you and your loved ones.

The parish nurse is normally available between services and after the last service on most Sundays. You can also reach me by phone at (845) 724-5631.

Bonnie Biskup, R.N., B.S.N., Parish Nurse

Men’s Bible Fellowship

The purpose of this Fellowship is to provide: first, an opportunity for our church men to get familiar with the Bible, the endless source of inspiration for the betterment of humanity throughout history; second, an opportunity to encourage our church men to study our text of faith, the Bible; third, another opportunity to examine any applicability of the Word to our life journey and life issues; fourth, an opportunity to share our deep concerns and be encouraged to form a genuinely faith-based community.

It is a weekly gathering at 8:00 AM, Thursdays, (See Photos) in the church Common Room. The Meeting is one hour, and consists of Bible Study, discussion and light breakfast.

Contact Ben Sung at 635-1463 or Rev. Paul Lent at 452-0684.

Church Men’s Lunch Group

This group meets the 3rd Thursday of the month for lunch, an inspirational message and fellowship at 12:00 noon at Cappuccino’s on Route 9, South.

If you have any questions or need a ride, please call Jim Pratt at 452-0684.