Become a Member


When Jesus invited people to become his disciples he did not offer a nine-week class of church polity and tradition, he simply said, “Come and follow me.”   Freedom Plains United Presbyterian Church is delighted that you are reading this thinking about claiming our congregation as your church home.  We are a community that believes you learn by doing and we long to have you join with us in worship, and service as we seek to follow our risen Lord.

How Do I Join?

Talk to the Pastor; send him an email, During the year we hold several New Member Teas to orient and welcome people into the life of the congregation. Also, often the pastor (s) will meet one on one with new folks helping to orient folks to the church and answer questions about membership or anything else.   Normally an appropriate date is found and new members are welcomed to our congregation during our Sunday Morning worship services.

Freedom Plains United welcomes all who desire membership.  You can become a member of our church in four ways:

  1. Baptism and Profession of Faith
  2. Affirmation of Faith for Those Previously Baptized
  3. Transfer of Membership from another Christian Church
  4. Reaffirmation of Faith