Dutchess County Interfaith Council


From theĀ DCIC web page:

“As people of faith, we hereby affirm our common humanity is deeper than our divisions. We are aware of the richness of our varied religious traditions. We join to work together for the good of the people and for reconciliation among all races and conditions and ideologies.”

The purpose of the Council is expressed in the Guiding Values and Mission.

Guiding Values

    • To bring a spiritual perspective to community issues
    • To weave the thread of community by honoring the diversity of religious expression and ethnic background.


To promote understanding and respectful relationship among diverse faith communities by offering opportunities for education, worship, fellowship and service together.

FPUPC and DCIC – Volunteer Service

Our senior pastor, Reverend Paul Lent is currently serving on the Board of Directors of DCIC.

FPUPC and DCIC – Ongoing Financial Support

Quarterly donations to support the work of DCIC are included in FPUPC’s yearly operating budgets.