Men’s Bible Fellowship

The purpose of this Fellowship is to provide: first, an opportunity for our church men to get familiar with the Bible, the endless source of inspiration for the betterment of humanity throughout history; second, an opportunity to encourage our church men to study our text of faith, the Bible; third, another opportunity to examine any applicability of the Word to our life journey and life issues; fourth, an opportunity to share our deep concerns and be encouraged to form a genuinely faith-based community.

It is a weekly gathering at 8:00 AM, Thursdays, (See Photos) in the church Common Room. The Meeting is one hour, and consists of Bible Study, discussion and light breakfast.

Contact Ben Sung at 635-1463 or Rev. Paul Lent at 452-0684.

Church Men’s Lunch Group

This group meets the 3rd Thursday of the month for lunch, an inspirational message and fellowship at 12:00 noon at Cappuccino’s on Route 9, South.

If you have any questions or need a ride, please call Jim Pratt at 452-0684.